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Welcome to Zoomies Walkies

ZoomieWalkies, affectionately named after my two Romanian rescues who love to just zoom around, is an independent dog walking service covering the Colwick, Sneinton and Gedling area.

Proper exercise is not just essential for your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing but is fantastic socialisation for your beloved pet.

Therefore I offer group walks of no more than 3 so your dog gets lots of attention but also solo walks for those more on the nervous side. Your walk can range from 30 minutes to an hour and be in various locations to keep your doggie stimulated.

I welcome all ages, sizes and breeds but have experience with nervous and or rescue dogs, particularly foreign rescues, so am aware of some of the challenges these doggies face.

You will receive real time videos and pictures of your pooch out on their walk as I know just how important it is that your family member is being well cared for by a trustworthy competent person who shares the same passion for animals.

Please click on the tabs to check out more about our dog walking service and to complete a ‘Me and my dog form’ so I know all about you are your dog's specific needs. Once your form has been received I will be in contact

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